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Mechanical Components

Realizing a comfortable social living environment through the movement solution

Main products

  • Gas Springs
  • Lifting Systems
  • Belt lifting systems: TK
  • Hydraulic lifting systems: SUSPA
  • Bevel gear lifting systems: Ketterer
  • Cylinder Lock Systems
  • Monitor Arms
  • Other Mechanical Components
  • Rear-view mirrors
  • Casters
  • Soft-motion brackets and units

No. 1 market share in slide rails for ATMs

TK's mechanical component products include slide rails and gas springs, lifting systems, dampers, and key systems. Their applications range widely from financial terminals, copiers, office furniture and housing equipment including build-in kitchen systems, to amusement equipment. Together, these products contribute to creating safety, security, and a comfortable lifestyle.

One noteworthy product is slide rails for ATMs (automated teller machines), in which TK retains the top market share in Japan. These slide rails have recently been installed not only in ATMs for conventional financial institutions but also at railway stations, department stores, and convenience stores, and are also increasingly being used in the China market.

TK is dedicated to developing products that meet the needs of its customers in safety, durability, and operability. To this end, we provide custom designs, test models as well as carry out assessment test and simulation analyses using our proprietary programs. Moreover, we have built a strong reputation through our value-added marketing activities, geared toward providing total solutions that utilize our commitment to quality control, as well as our broad product mix utilizing our wide range of product families.

Slide rails


Gas springs