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Semiconductor Products

Responding to the market where future growth is expected, including in-home information appliances, communications equipment and industrial equipment

Providing semiconductor and electronic parts for cutting-edge products

TK handles the latest foreign-made semiconductors, which account for more than 40% of Japan's semiconductor market. This represents one of our most important business segments as it accounts for 40% of total company sales. Responding to today's continuously evolving technical demands for higher speed, greater functionality, greater density, lower power consumption, and smaller size, TK relies on its dense network of foreign offices and contacts to identify promising products. The Company, which has always focused on specific applications and specific technologies, is placing greater emphasis on handling exclusive products and customized products, and is currently directing new energies toward its product line-up.

Helping customers realize their product concepts

TK is able to propose concepts for entire systems by seeking to expand its market presence through a focus on the delivery of innovative concepts to customers. To distinguish itself from competitors, TK relies in part on the strong technical support provided by its Field Application Engineers (FAEs), each of whom has thorough knowledge of technical trends. Thanks to these capabilities, we have won the confidence of our customers and are building a dominant position even in today's highly competitive markets.

Main products

  • Semiconductor
  • Monolithic power systems
  • Diodes
  • Octasic
  • Nuvoton
  • ISSI
  • Power Modules & Power Devices
  • Murata Power Solutions
  • Method Electronics
  • OTOWA Electronics
  • Sensors
  • Knowles Electronics
  • INTERLINK Electronics
  • Zytronic
  • Solteam Opto
  • Chengdu Huitong West Electronics
  • Communication Devices
  • Quectel Wireless Solutions
  • Shenzhen Rakwireless Technology
  • GNI Microwave
  • Connector、Trans、Coil
  • Pulse
  • Greenconn
  • GPU Board
  • TUL
  • ASUS
  • ASRock