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Delivering safety, security, and amenity of business environments


TK builds extranets between companies and provides customers with product family solutions that support the disaster recovery and business continuity plans, such as SSL-VPN solutions that enable secure remote access for employees that work at home and mobile workers, as well as multihoming solutions that provide redundancy between office locations and Internet communications.

At the same time, we provide optimal solutions that enhance the security, usability and efficiency of corporate networks, including one-time password solutions that improve personal identification, cloud-based Internet security service solutions and measures against illegal PC connections.

Office Security

TK offers a total security system featuring access control systems that provide integrated control of surveillance cameras, recording equipment and various sensors. TK has a strong track record of servicing important facilities, such as office data centers, research institutes and public offices for their security management needs. In addition, TK is developing systems that utilize control system access logs for employers to account for employees' locations and wellness in case of an emergency, as well as portable safety confirmation systems that allow employers to instantly account for the number of employees present at an emergency evacuation center. These systems are to be introduced to companies looking to revamp their business continuity plan as the current market conditions demand. TK also offers other solutions, such as an RFID solution for tracking the location of employees and articles, enabling inventory management and preventing the removal of important property.

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  • Network Products
  • Network security
  • Office Security Products
  • Access control systems
  • IP solutions/IP cameras/NVR systems
  • Properties removal management systems
Access control systems