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Revolutionizing retail store security using a track record with the largest share in the Japan market

In 1970, TK became the first company in Japan to import and sell the electronic article surveillance (EAS) system manufactured by Sensormatic (now Tyco Fire & Security) of the United States. Our customers are in diverse fields, which include music stores, fashion boutiques, drugstores, general merchandise stores, home centers, and home appliance discounters. Our systems are also being used by new markets including convenience stores supermarkets. We can offer optimal" total security solutions," depending on our customers' businesses and store formats, thanks to our long-standing experience and expertise and to our extensive product lineup of gates and tags, surveillance camera systems, and remote monitoring systems, all designed to prevent the unlawful removal of store or office property. After system installation, value-added services such as follow-up and education are provided by our specialist staff, which has helped us earn the top share (49.2%) in Japan's EAS market. In recent years, our efforts have been put into guarding floor display models of increasingly popular smartphones and tablets from theft, as well as developing product display systems that cater to the need for illustrating both style and product appeal. Our timely, innovative proposals have solidified TK's leading market position.

Main Products

  • Electronic Article Surveillance Systems
  • Display Product Security Systems
  • Image Surveillance Systems
  • Image Analysis Systems
  • Store Management Systems
  • Remote Monitoring Systems
  • Source Tagging Label
Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) System
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Display Product Security Systems