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TK Slide Rails Nominal Load Rating


  • Nominal load rating presumes the center of gravity (W) of the package to be centered of the chassis (A) and at the midpoint of the slide travel (T), with the slides rigidly fastened to both the cabinet and drawer and mounted vertically on edge with the 1 or 2 cycles/day in room temperature.
  • The slides mounted flat in the horizontal attitude will have load capacities of some 30% of the load rating. Please consult with us the load rating.
  • Cycle life of slides relates to load rating and depend on following factors:
    (a) Cycle time
    (b) Slide mounting width
    (c) Location of weight
    (d) Environment of usage (vibration, shock, dust, humidity)
  • Suggested cycle life is less than 10,000 for nominal load rating.(Inner disconnect slides will have 5,000) Please consult with us for cycle life.Durability in the 3 member slides, increase by moving intermediate member first to reach its ball retainer to its end stops and then moving inner member next. The Sequential Motion Device will be available enabling this movement in certain models (Option).
  • Aluminum slide rails mounted vertically do not break against momentary static loads of 2 times of load rating. Steel slide rails will proceed plastic deformation and will cause decrease of its cycle life under the use of over load.
  • TK Slides will perform best when the slides mounted directly to the chassis (good design) as shown figure 3.
  • Please mount a pair of slides keeping parallelism. The proper installation procedure for slides is; temporary tightening all mounting screws,travel the chassis three or four times, find the position of smooth movement and tighten all screws. We have pocked/tab fixing slides in certain models.
  • Slide Rails for filing cabinet drawer have a 50,000 to 100,000 cycle life. But it comes under the influence of side force at the movement.Please consult with us cycle test.
  • As inner member of disconnect type is adjusted to its outer member with high accuracy each other, connection with the different slide will influences smooth moving.
  • Stoppers on the slides perform normal stop function during actual usage but do not perform strong shock or repeated stops.
  • Movement of each member relates to retainer which holds ball bearings with 2:1 position. Lose of the shape called "ball creep" will cause heavy movement. In this case, ball creep may be solved by full extension of inner member.