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Building bridges between advanced technologies and society as an electronics technology trading company; paving the way to a bright future through a spirit of creation

Since its establishment in 1952, TAKACHIHO KOHEKI (TK) has made its mission to become a technology trading company, specializing in electronics, that promptly introduces cuttingedge, world-class products to the Japan market under its corporate philosophy of" Creation." For this reason, many of the products we have brought to market were pioneering products in Japan. This includes electronic article surveillance systems, OCR systems, and kanji-based data-processing systems. In order to continue adding new value and delivering new products to the Japan market, it is essential to have the marketing ability that accurately obtains advanced information, expertise in product discovery, and the ability to discern market needs, all of which are our strongest assets. In addition to these strengths, our capacity in consulting, development, and customization delivered through our highly skilled engineers has helped us garner from our customers a solid rapport and strong credibility as a technology trading company. Going forward, we aim to harness all of our strengths and assets in expanding the range of our activities in international markets, with a focus in Asia, and further growing our business. TK will continue to work under the spirit of" Creation" in adding new value to the market and contributing to the prosperity of industry and society.